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Haircut $10.

Clipper Cut $ 6.

Protein Cond $10. 

Scalp Treatment $10.

Beard Trim $ 3.

Moustache Trim $2.

Hair Care 

Shampoo/Roller Set $ 8.00

Styled Haircut/Blowdry  $10.00 

12 & under $ 8.00 

Styled Haircut 

Flat Iron $14.00 

Shampoo & Blowdry  $ 8.00 

Shampoo & amp; Flat Iron$12.00 

Design/Occasion Style $15.00 up 

Protein Conditioner $10.00 

Repair Conditioner Only $10.00 

Scalp Treatment. $10.00 

Braiding (1/2 head) $15.00 

Braiding (full head) $30.00 

Skin Care (Esthetics) 

Soothing Facial $15.00 

European Facial $20.00 

Champagne Facial $25.00 

Glycolic  Peel $25.00 

Anti-Aging Facial $25.00 

Golden Mask Facial $35.00 

Makeup $ 8.00 

Waxing Eyebrow arch $ 5.00 

2 legs (full) $30.00 

2 legs (half) $20.00 

Bikini line $15.00 

Underarm $ 8.00 

Facial Hair Removal $ 8.00 

Paraffin Treatment 

Hands or Feet $ 8.00

Nail Care 

Manicure $ 8.00 

Warm Lotion Manicure $ 9.00 

Pedicure $10.00 

Gel Manicure $18.00 

Spa Manicure $12.00 

Spa Pedicure $15.00 

French Add-on $ 2.00 

Nail Art $1.00/finger

Chemical Services 

Perm $30.00 up

Spiral Perm $45.00 up 

Piggy Back Perm $50.00 up 

Relaxer $40.00 

Hair Color $25.00 up 

Color Retouch 1” or less $25.00 up 

Color Correction $30.00 up 

Highlighting-Cap $25.00 up 

Highlighting-Foils $30.00 up 

Individual Foils $ 3.00 each(10 or less) 

Highlights/Lowlights $45.00 up 

Ombre $35.00 up 

Ombre with color $45.00 up

Toning $ 7.00 up 

Please allow approximately 2-3 hours for perm or color. 

Must Need An Appointment For Chemical Services.

Bridal Packages 

For Our hair, nail, skincare and body treatment services are unmatched in exceptional value and customized service for each bridal party member, Please call for an appointment. 

Unique Services: 

Special Events: Your daughter, mother, sister or friend can enjoy “affordable luxury” at our salon/spa events. Choose a birthday, bridal shower, prom, holiday party or whatever suits you. Guests may select from a variety of services offered and make a day of it.

Children’s Birthday Parties: For just $10.00 per child and up to 10 children, you will have a birthday party to remember. Complete with styling and manicure, the young ladies will have a very special day

Monthly Promotions: Become a VIP Loyalty Club Member and

receive monthly promotional news and coupons. 

Hours of Operation 

Monday - Friday Am

 9:00am - 11am /12:30pm - 2:30pm

Monday - Thursday Pm

4:30pm - 6:30pm

All services must be completed by closing time to respect the student’s scheduling.

Gift Certificates Available 

Student Styling Salon/Spa(Student Clinic)

Price and Service Menu “Affordable"

Effective 2019

(Prices subject to change)

All Services Are Preformed By Students Under Teachers Supervision.

Must have an appointment for Any Chemical Services.

Hair Braiding

Esthetics – 300 hours

Skin care is one of the fastest growing areas in the beauty and fashion industry. An Esthetician is a skin care expert who uses techniques and products to keep skin supple, elastic, healthy and attractive. As an Esthetician student, if you are looking for a New hope And A 2nd Chance you will receive that and training necessary to prepare you to enter this exciting and rewarding career, we Educate today for a bright and successful tomorrow.

Sciences of skin

Facial treatments and add-on treatments

Circadia Products


Makeup and makeup competitions

Client consultation and home care

Skin analysis

State law and regulations

Business fundamentals

Teacher – 600 hours

For the licensed professional who looking for a New hope And A 2nd Chance and wants to give back, the teaching profession offers you an additional set of skills to add to your current license. You can be a Cosmetology teacher or now if you are a Nail Technician or Esthetician you can also become a teacher without taking the entire Cosmetology program. Educating today for a bright and successful tomorrow.

Lesson plan development

Hands on teaching time

Classroom management

Classroom organizations

Teaching adult learners

Teaching students with challenges

State law and regulation


Cross Over Program

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