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Painting With Friends

Hello Friends,

My Name is Suzanne-Snell-Zuchowski, I am the Founder of Snells New Hope Academy.

The mission of Snell's New Hope Academy is to train our students to be professional, responsible, and morally conscious barbers, Cosmologists or massage Therapist. The goal is to equip each student with a Superior level of training that evokes the creativity & God given talent that each student possesses individually, as each students prepare to embark upon an Exciting prosperous Journey into the world of Barber, Cosmologist or Massage, as Snells New Hope Academy giving Re-Entry Citizens, Welfare recipient or to anyone looking for A New Hope and a 2nd Chance for a bright and Exciting Tomorrow.

I am having a fundraiser for Snell's New Hope Academy, So Gather your friends for a Afternoon of painting, partying, and having fun! Escape the stress that fills our every day, lets relax with a palette, brush and friends in a casual atmosphere. Enjoying Some Great music With D.J MZ Hammer, and lots of laughter with friends, We will be painting with an experienced and energetic artist who will guide us through the creation of our very One Of A Kind Masterpiece. Painting, especially painting with friends has never been more exciting along with All the fun you want. 

Thank you in advance and Gods Blessings to all for your Support of Snell's New Hope Academy.